Monday, September 2, 2013

#DKTop10 Extra : Getting to know Lady Lea [Beat Boutique / Flipside Records] 009

Real Name: Lea Barrett
Hometown: Pretoria
Hustle (what do u do): Music in general, teach, record, play, manage and love life
Genre: House
Record Label/Brand: Beat Boutique / Flipside Records

DK: In 2009 you launched a female DJ agency called Divas on Decks, Please tell us about the agency.
Divas on Decks is an agency that helps promote and protect up n coming professional female djs. I audition the ladies and make sure that they know what they are doing , and then as a group we do events, book out djs at various events and we motivate and promote each other.

Its a platform for the ladies to be featured and highlighted at the appropriate events for their style. 
DK: How do you feel about the current state of the music Industry (Dance Scene) in SA?
I think its definitely changing , but change is inevitable. Its about accepting the change and moving with it. Some things I prefer the way it was back in the day but that was then and this is now. The scene is growing at a rapid rate, lets just hope it keeps moving upwards and people respect the real djs talent

DK: You started DJing at the age of 14, How did you get into DJing at such a young age?
My brother Morgan was into djing and when our parents bought  us equipment I started to mess around on the equipment and really got stuck into it. I then started to sneak into night clubs (I looked older than I was) and I used to beg to play for free until I got my first residency, and the rest is history


DK: What's the one thing that's been keeping you motivated all these years?
My love for music and entertaining people and seeing them smile on the dancefloor

DK: What do you do when you not busy with music?
I have a baby boy so he keeps me very busy. Otherwise I enjoy keeping fit, spending time with loved ones and friends, and I also enjoy nature ;)

DK: Do you think South african female DJs are given any platform?
Yes for sure. That what I am trying to do with Divas on Decks

DK: Highlight of your Music journey?
Playing in Germany at the Love Parade to over a million people ;)

DK: What were some of the challenges you faced coming up in a male-dominated field?
Because I am quite strong willed and determined person I didn't see myself as any different to the guys, in fact I was always one of the guys ;) Only now am I finding it quite challenging being a mother and djing, but having a good support system at home really helps.

DK: What can you say to aspiring female DJ's especially in S.A?
Keep at it, do it if you love it, promote yourself and keep moving forward with your sound and technology

Big thanks to Lady Lea for taking timeout to do this with us, would have loved to get a taste of some of the tracks she's feeling right now but it was a great pleasure getting to know her and her hustle. Truly inspirational and I hope aspiring divas on decks will love this as well, if you do want to hear some of her mixes though you in luck. check them out on her website also check her out of Facebook:  Lady Lea and on Twitter: @DjLadyLea for updates on her upcoming gigs, releases and more.

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